All the trainings that are available in our GEO-UAV Training Centre are in English and/or in Polish.

As our GEO-UAV Training Centre is opened for UAV news from all around the world, expanding knowledge and resources, as well as turning flying UAVs as a way of finding professional path of international career, we are convinced of importance of English as international language in many aspects (also in aviation field).

Due to this fact, we do realize necessity of providing high-quality services, like aviation, photogrammetric or other specialized trainings for English-speakers. In our training centre:

  • you will find a wide variety of trainings (VLOS, BVLOS, INS, photogrammetry and graphics trainings)
  • all theoretical and practical trainings are held in English
  • during practical classes your Instructor will be speaking English and will give you flight commands in English
  • all the documents, papers, confirmations, etc. are also provided for you in English (with additional Polish version if required)
  • we provide you materials in English
  • if necessary, we could also provide you materials in Polish (remember that national exams are in Polish) so you could learn specialized terminology 
  • proficiency level of English-speaking instructors determines the highest quality of trainings in English in our training centre

If you would like to participate in trainings that are held in English with a group of English-speaking friends, you may receive special discount.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or mobile +48 506-937-800.

  • Price: starts from 1499 zł gross
  • Time: at least 3 days
  • Location: area of Łódź
  • Contact: 506937800 or